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What To Expect at a Pearl White Smile Teeth Whitening Session?

Thinking of booking for a Pearl White Smile teeth whitening session? Here’s what to expect!

Our Client’s Needs Come First

We receive a lot of calls from clients asking us about our Pearl White Smile teeth whitening process. Many share their concerns about conducting a process where they may not be familiar with, or have had prior poor experience from other teeth whitening providers, including some dentists.

It’s completely understandable that people want to feel safe and comfortable before committing to have their teeth whitening; including a clear no-nonsense explanation of what results they can expect for their hard-earned investment.

Free Phone Consultation & Booking In Service

Here at Pearl White Smile, our highest priorities are to maintain our client’s health, ensure they are comfortable at all times and have transparent understanding of what results they should expect.

Before booking, you will be offered a free phone consultation to discuss the condition of your teeth and what outcomes you may expect to see.

During the consultation, a sequence of questions will determine if Pearl White Smile teeth whitening is both suitable and effective for your situation. Furthermore, this consultation will also be a great opportunity to ask questions about the process, or anything else that you are wondering about teeth whitening. With more than fifteen years on the dental industry, we are in a great position to help.

Once you are happy to go-head, you should expect to be booked in for either a 60 or 90 minute appointment, depending on the type of treatment you require.

On Arrival for Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

When attending our clinic, you will be provided an information sheet and consent form before taken into our private treatment room.

Once comfortably seated, you will be given a face-to-face explanation of the procedure, showing you the equipment that will be used and giving an opportunity to ask any further questions or special needs.

Our Teeth Whitening Process

Here is what you should expect from your Pearl White Smile teeth whitening process.

Step 1: A pre-treatment shade measurement and photograph of your teeth is taken. This will allow us to compare the before-and-after results once your session is complete.

Step 2: Cleaning preparation is applied to your teeth using specialist teeth wipes.

Step 3: A 6% hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth.

Step 4: The teeth whitening process uses a specialist LED light to activate the gel.

Step 5: The treatment is applied in 20 minute cycles. This is repeated twice for a 40 minute treatment and three times for 60 minute treatment. If needed, you can have a break after each cycle.

Step 6: After treatment, your results will be instant. After-treatment shade measurement and photograph of your teeth is taken again. This will give youan accurate comparison and results of your session. You should expect to seeresults of between 5 – 14 shades brighter. You will also be sent a digital copy of your before-and-after results for to share with your friends!

After Care

Our clinic will call you the following day for a post-treatment check to ensure you are satisfied with your results and to answer any questions you may have about post-treatment care for your whiter, brighter teeth. Depending onthe condition of your teeth, we recommend booking every 6-12 months to maintain your teeth at their best brightness.

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